Native bosses drop the wonda eggs up to 12* depending on difficulty (13* needs ot be confirmed) Dragonkin Im not sure about the toyko field or mobs, but i know the XH train boss drops up to 13* wonda eggs, as...
Level 71+ Arks Rappies are presently the only way Summoners can get the Rappy pet, so might want to get to farming SHAQs if you enjoy that class. I think Forest technically has the highest rates on them as there's a chance for a Nab Rappy emergency to change over into a real Rappy emergency.
Ten years from now, dropping an egg or even other small things from the seventh- floor of a building maybe very common for us, just like flying on an airplane from Thailand to America which was impossible years ago, but is so The egg drop contest is an experiment usually performed by college.
An English Phantasy Star Online 2 reference site. Fortunate Omen (Vraolet series weapons) raises the chances that, IF a rare weapon is decided to drop, THEN it will be a ?SPECIAL WEAPON and need to be identified (and thus granting at least two ability slots including the one you choose).